‘Minutemen Unite – Against Catholics and Gays!’

April 20, 2008

Local anti-immigrant activist Rosanna Pulido seems to switch organizations as often as some people change shoes. Once she was affiliated with the (now defunct) Illinois Minutemen Project; then she was a spokesperson for the little known group “You Don’t Speak For Me”; now she is a staffer for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). It may be that she switches organizations so much because she just cannot get along with people.

Evidence of this theory comes in the form of her recent vicious rants about the Catholic Church, gays, Churches in general, Muslims, and more. Listen to her go!

Among the highlights of Rosanna's hate:

“If the Church succeeds in their mission, they will destroy the United States of America!”  

"How do we screen a lay-worker to make sure they are bonafide, sanctioned volunteers? By their badge, is that how we check them? How can you tell the difference between a radical Islamic Jihadist who is visiting from his mosque and just another lay volunteer visiting from the mosque?"

- Testimony before Illinois House of Representatives Executive Committee, April 16, 2008

Got hate?



Download a fact sheet about Rosanna's latest attempt to kill the Illinois Access to Religious Workers Bill, HB2747, a state bill that would allow Religious leaders to minister to immigrant detainees and asylum seekers in times of need.