100 New Citizens Journey to Springfield!

April 15, 2008

On Tuesday, April 15th, over 100 new American citizens and 200 immigrant, community, and religious leaders from across Illinois journeyed to the State Capitol. New citizens from the Asian, Polish, Muslim, Arab and Latino communities were recognized for becoming active participants in the civic life of this country. They were met with a standing ovation in the State legislature!

Participants in the first-ever New Citizens Day in Springfield spoke with their legislators about the need to continue supporting programs like the New American Initiative, the We Want to Learn English Initiative and the Outreach and Interpretation project. Advocates and leaders also urged legislators to push forward the Access to Religious Ministry Act (HB 2747), which would allow priests and imams to counsel immigrant detainees and asylum seekers during difficult times away from their families.

Illinois blogs Capital Fax, Progress Illinois, and Illinois Issues reported from Springfield.