Architect of SB 1070 Losses Recall

November 09, 2011

Last night, our friends and allies were busy standing up for the rights of immigrants in Arizona, Ohio, and Alabama.  Thank you, Rudy, Mehrdad, and Sal!

Russell Pearce Defeated in Arizona

By a margin of 53.4 percent to 45.3 percent, voters in Maricopa voted out Russell Pearce in an historic recall election.  Russell Pearce was the author of SB 1070 and the self-proclaimed national "Tea Party President."  This victory would not have been possible without the hard work of our friends at PAZ Arizona, and we want to thank ICIRR Board Member Rudy Lopez who has been on the ground in Arizona for weeks helping organize the effort.More information.

Ohio Upholds Collective Bargaining for Workers

In Ohio, voters repealed Senate Bill 5, a Wisconsin-like measure that would have dramatically undercut the ability of unions to organize and enter collective bargaining.  This is a major victory for immigrant workers and all workers nationally, turning the tide on a wave of anti-worker activity at the state level.  We want to especially thank former ICIRR Organizing Director Mehrdad Azemun and National People's Action for their crucial work on the ground in Ohio. More information.

Alabama Preparing to Fight Back

Meanwhile, many more of our friends and allies have taken up the challenge of supporting immigrants being persecuted in Alabama.  Special thanks to ICIRR Senior Organizer Sal Cervantes, who has been in Alabama the last 10 days - running Know Your Rights trainings across the state, training immigrant business owners and workers to organize, and winning allies in the Alabama State Senate.  We also thank Congressman Gutierrez for his work to bring 12 Congressman to Alabama later this week to shed light on the crisis there and our friends at the Center for Community Change and FIRM for their on-going work with local immigrants there.

These efforts are a reminder of the power of grassroots organizing and our responsibility to reach beyond our neighborhoods to support immigrants everywhere.

For more information about the wave of electoral change yesterday, here is another good article.

Fight on!