Deportation Halted For UIC Student

December 11, 2009

The deportation has been halted for a University of Illinois at Chicago student who was brought over the Mexican border when he was 6, but was about to be sent back after admitting to drunken driving.

The Obama administration gave Padilla a one-year deferral.

Details of why the deferral was issued were not immediately learned, but the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights said support for Padilla was "effective in moving (the) Obama administration."

"I am very pleased and grateful for this news," Padilla, 21, said in a news release. "I thank the Obama administration for giving me another chance to show my full potential and contribute more to the country I call home. I also thank Congresswoman (Jan) Schakowsky and the congressmen that believed in me and all the people and youth that were with me during these tough times."

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