Foster Upset: Staying Positive on Immigration Pays

March 25, 2008

Last Saturday Democratic scientist Bill Foster shocked the political world by beating Republican dairy and investment millionaire Jim Oberweis in the race to replace outgoing Congressman Dennis Hastert in the formerly solidly Republican Illinois 14th Congressional District. This is a case where candidate Foster, the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) finally “got it right” on immigration.

Faced with an aggressive attack by anti-immigrant candidate Jim Oberweis, Foster presented a positive, nuanced, solutions-based approach to the issue. At the same time the DCCC successfully highlighted Oberweis' hypocrisy on immigration.

The combination of a humane, solution-oriented approach by candidate Foster and a hard-hitting offense on the immigration hypocrisy of Oberweis produced a stunning victory for Foster and the DCCC. More importantly, it should remind candidates of all stripes just how little it pays to pander on immigration.