Healthcare for Pregnant Women

Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility (MPE) is a short-term healthcare plan that offers temporary medical insurance to low-income pregnant women in Illinois. If you qualify, you will not have to pay for any outpatient services while you have MPE coverage. MPE only offers temporary medical insurance and does not include labor and delivery. You can also apply for Moms & Babies, which is a program that offers a longer-term healthcare plan for pregnant women and their newborns.

Moms & Babies is a health insurance plan that pays for medical costs for low-income women and their babies while they are pregnant and for 60 days after the baby is born. Coverage includes inpatient and outpatient services, prenatal care, labor and delivery care and other services for women. It also pays for medical services for babies for the first year of the baby's life, if the mother is covered by Moms & Babies when the baby is born. There are no co-payments or premiums in Moms & Babies. Babies born to women on the Moms & Babies program will automatically receive free All Kids health insurance for one year. If you qualify for Moms & Babies, all of these services are available to you free of charge.

If you are pregnant and in need of healthcare, please continue reading to learn if you are eligible for MPE or Moms & Babies programs and how to apply, or call our multilingual information hotline (1-877-537-7460) to find out what services are available to your family in your native language.

Eligibility for MPE and Moms & Babies

  1. You must be pregnant.
  2. There are NO immigration requirements for Moms & Babies healthcare coverage. Any citizen, legal permanent resident or undocumented immigrant can qualify for this program. A social security number is not required to apply.
  3. Your monthly household income must be within the income requirements, which is at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. For more information about eligibility for yourself, a client, or someone you know, please visit All Kids online for the most current income guidelines.

How to Apply for MPE and Moms & Babies
Contact an Immigrant Family Resource Program provider near you for more information on these and other programs and assistance in your own language.

If you would like to apply online, applicants must complete an All Kids application since Moms & Babies is a branch of the Illinois All Kids program. The application will request monthly income and ask applicant for verification of their pregnancy, which they must obtain from a doctor. To request a paper copy of the application or to find an All Kids Application Agency that will help you apply for MPE or Moms & Babies benefits, call 1-866-255-5437.

Materials to Bring when Applying

  • Proof of pregnancy, which you can get from a doctor. You may also be able to ask your doctor to help you apply to Moms & Babies. The doctor will verify that you are pregnant and ask you to report your monthly household income.
  • Proof of income, which can be your most recent pay stub so that you can prove that you are within the income limits.
  • Proof of Illinois residency, which can be an identification card, or if not available, a utility bill or piece of mail with your name and home address.

Duration of coverage for MPE and Moms & Babies:
After you are granted MPE benefits, your coverage begins immediately. MPE will cover outpatient pregnancy services starting on the day the MPE provider tells you that you are eligible, until the last day of the next month. Example, On October 1, you sign the MPE application and the MPE provider says you are eligible. You can get outpatient services from October 1 until November 30. If you are eligible for MPE, you should also apply for the Moms & Babies program.

Moms & Babies covers medical costs for you and your infant while you are pregnant and for 60 days after your baby is born.  Babies born to women on the Moms & Babies program will automatically receive free All Kids health insurance for one year. If you are eligible for the MPE and Moms & Babies programs, you are encouraged to continue healthcare coverage for your child by applying for All Kids benefits. You may also be eligible for FamilyCare benefits, which provides health insurance to eligible legal immigrant parents. For more information on All Kids and FamilyCare benefits, you can visit an Immigrant Family Resource Program provider or All Kids online

Will receiving Moms and Babies or MPE benefits hurt the immigration statuses of members of my family?

NO. The Immigration and Naturalization Services announced in 1999 that as long as immigrants only receive benefits for which there were eligible, receiving public healthcare coverage and other public benefits will not affect their immigration status unless it is for long-term institutionalized medical care.