Uniting America: Recruiting Volunteer Tutors

February 27, 2012
Kathleen O'Donovan Uniting America AmeriCorps Fellow

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with my newest volunteer, Alexandra. Alexandra found a tutoring posting that I had posted on volunteermatch.org. She was interested to hear about a tutoring opportunity that I have. She is currently studying education at the College of Lake County. We decided to meet for coffee to see if what I had to offer would truly be a good fit for her.

When we met for coffee it was clear that Alexandra was enthusiastic about getting started right away. She told me about her plans to be an education major and thought that getting some volunteer tutoring experience would be a good experience to have since it related directly to her field. She has never done any formal tutoring, so I told her some basics so that she would feel more comfortable during her first session. The only problem was that we figured out that the timing of the tutoring program that I had conflicted with her schedule. I told her that I would find her something and that we would be in touch. I left our meeting happy that I had found someone so great but I also knew that I had to find her an opportunity quick or else she might find something else on her own.

I then went directly to my next meeting at Waukegan Public High School where I met with Mr. Jonas, a school librarian who is very dedicated to helping students. Every Wednesday he goes to the Waukegan Public Library after school to help out kids who want the extra support in a relaxed atmosphere. After talking with him for a short while I knew that I had found Alexandra’s match! It was great to be able to call her back after only a few hours to tell her that I had already found her something. She is very excited and will be starting next week.