Uniting America: Springfield pt. 3

March 02, 2012
Megan Benham Uniting America AmeriCoprs Fellow

Wednesday, February 29,  in Springfield was the first experience I have had seeing how inspiring democracy in progress can be.  I started my morning early at World Relief Dupage.  The women there were kind, welcoming, and working hard to make sure everyone had donuts and coffee.  We prepared for the events of the day by learning one another’s names, praying over our journey, and researching the legislatures we were meeting throughout the day. 

I met so many on the trip down to Springfield.  The number of volunteers accompanying us for the day surprised me.  Two college students even convinced their professors to postpone midterms so they could participate in the events of the day.

When we made it to Springfield, I loved seeing the families involved.  The most moving moment for me was witnessing a mother, father, and young son sitting with their state representative and telling their immigration story. 

I also met my own state representative for the first time.  I told her about Uniting America.  She seemed interested in the project because of the tensions in Schaumburg and the rest of her district surrounding immigration.  It was empowering to see that she genuinely cared about speaking with me.  It was truly an inspiring first trip to the state’s capital or me.