A Funny Uniting America Story

March 22, 2012
Karina Lopez Uniting America AmeriCorps Fellow

I want to share a funny and incredible story. I was sick couple weeks ago and I had a great conversation with my Doctor her name is Elizabeth Pector. I started telling to her about the Uniting America campaign and I explained to her that it is a program that is looking for volunteers that want to help others in educational programs like teaching English, after school programs and assisting people with becoming citizens. Her reaction was priceless, because I did not know how strong of an opinion she had "it was a great positive program because this is a multicultural country and we should give equal opportunities to immigrants." It does not matter to her where you come from or background, she put more effort into helping others .She was telling me this from her experience because she was adopted when she was 5 years old, she was born in Turkey, and she is so proud of her adopted parents who taught her the language. She thanks her parents because she is a person with great values and a Doctor. I am surprised at how much i learn from her within minutes.