Facing Deportation? Call Our Family Support Network and Hotline

1100 families are torn apart by deportation every day in the United States.  Approximately 20-40 every day from Illinois.  That’s 20-40 mothers and fathers.  What happens to their families left behind?  What services are available to them?  What keeps them from ending up on the streets, or worse?  The crisis of family separation is not only moral and emotional; it is also legal and financial.  Many families cannot afford legal representation, nor can they easily replace the salary of a breadwinner.  The ICIRR Family Support Hotline connects families in crisis with reliable and immediate information, referrals to legal, ministry, and social services – while also providing a long-term connection to someone who can help them locally.

The hotline is made possible by people like you who make individual donations to support families in deportation crises.  If you would like to donate to the Family Support Hotline click here. Thank you for your support! 


WHO is part of the Hotline?

* 67 trained hotline volunteers to field calls

* 27 Family Support Teams in different geographic areas throughout the state, ready to help follow-up with individual cases.

* The National Immigrant Justice Center and 17 private law offices that offer free initial consultations to families needing legal help.

* 35 social service agencies with capacity for 53 different languages.

* Major partners including, the Archdiocese of Chicago Office for Immigrant Affairs and Immigration Education and Pastoral Migratoria and the Labor Committee on Immigrant Worker Rights.

What confidentiality means to us:

Callers always have the choice of whether or not to share their real name or phone number with our volunteers; they are never obligated to reveal this information. In other words, we will know who you are only if you choose to tell us. 

While almost all callers are connected directly to a volunteer, we might experience a high volume of calls and you will reach our voicemail. In these cases, callers may choose to leave a phone number, in which case the number will be confidential and will be given directly to a volunteer to call back.

*We will never share any of your personal information with our social service partners without your permission.

*We will never share any of your personal information with advertisers.




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