Rock the (Naturalized) Vote!

October 11, 2012

Rock the (Naturalized) Vote Report: New American Voters May Impact Close Elections

Empty Promises: The Unmet Need for English Instruction in Illinois

This report (2009) documents how Illinois' current adult education system, however, is failing to achieve even the most basic objective of meeting existing demand, and how those immigrants that get into adult education programs are not moving forward.  This report also points out promising practices among community-based programs in Illinois and makes recommendations for improving the

The Dangerous Reality Behind Secure Communities in Illinois

January 14, 2011

Immigration Enforcement-- The Dangerous Reality behind “Secure Communities,” outlining the deep flaws in the program that nets 78% non-criminals in Illinois - three times nationwide rate.

Teaching Chicago Style Politics

November 02, 2008

In Spring of 2008 ICIRR approached its sister coalitions, national partners, and the Four Freedoms Fund with an idea - to create the first national "New Americans Democracy Boot Camp".