An Eager Volunteer

March 05, 2012
Sara Hamdan Uniting America AmeriCorps Volunteer

Because she was a friend first, I did not really think of her as a volunteer. I thought of Angie more as a friend who was willing to help me out because she knew that I trusted her to come through. But I think I underestimated her willingness to serve the community. At this point, I have dealt with quite a few volunteers and I can honestly say that Angie is one of the most enthusiastic I have come across. She is prone to emailing me when she knows of days off in advance, to see if I can find ways to "put her to work." In the coming weeks, she will be helping me plan an event where I am hoping to bring out the community in the Bridgeview area for a screening of the film "The Interrupters."

Each individual has their own reasons for giving back to their community through volunteerism. It is especially heartwarming when someone's main reasons are because they simply enjoy working with people or they just want to help make their local community a better place. What lesson did I learn from Angie? To never underestimate a person's desire to give back to others.