Permanent Residency


Do I need to obtain a new Permanent Resident Card (formerly 'Alien Registration Card') when USCIS issues a new version?

No, you only need to renew your Permanent Resident Card when it expires. 

For information on renewing an expired card:


How much does it cost to renew my Permanent Resident Card?

The fee to submit the application (Form I-90) is $365, combined with the $85 biometric fee for a total of $450.


If my Permanent Resident Card will expire soon, do I have to renew it if applying for citizenship? 

If you apply for naturalization six months or more before the expiration date on your Permanent Resident Card, you may not have to apply for a new card.

If you apply for naturalization within six months of the expiration date, or don't apply for naturalization until your card has already expired, you must renew your card. (Please note that if you choose not to renew your Permanent Resident Card and fail to successfully complete the naturalization process, this can complicate your status as a Permanent Resident. Please consult with your USCIS agent or service provider.


When does my time as a Permanent Resident begin?

It begins when you are given official resident status, this date is on your Permanent Resident Card.